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Meet the Cast: Fred Applegate

How many people can say that the rock star Sting wrote a song for them? Fred Applegate can. Fred, currently playing secretary Joe Tumulty in The Second Mrs. Wilson, running through May 31, can point towards the recent Broadway run of The Last Ship, Sting’s new musical, as one of the highlights of his career…. Continue reading →

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13 Firsts of First Lady Edith Wilson

When talking about the firsts of First Lady Edith Wilson it’s pretty easy to focus on the fascinating debate about her being the first woman to run the executive branch of government. However, we’ve found out that the second Mrs. Wilson holds the claim to a number of other firsts among presidential spouses. Check them… Continue reading →

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Woodrow, Edith, and the Lusitania

One hundred years ago today the trajectory of Woodrow Wilson’s presidency was forever altered by the German torpedoing of the ocean liner RMS Lusitania. Already concerned with the growing war in Europe, many in the US now called for the peace loving president to enter the conflict in revenge for the more than 100 Americans… Continue reading →

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How Edith Wilson Won an Oscar

A thin man, about 5 feet 11 inches tall with a high forehead, high cheekbones and a long, thin nose upon which sat rimless glasses, Woodrow Wilson had the air of a stubborn academic not a silver screen hero. Nonetheless, in 1944 the famous film producer and head of 20th Century Fox, Darryl F. Zanuck,… Continue reading →

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Remnants of Presidential History Given to Long Wharf

The box office phone is the busiest line at Long Wharf. Every day our box office staff fields dozens of calls about ticket purchases, subscription inquiries, and a wide range of questions. Box Office Manager Josh Sinclair recently picked up the phone to hear a very interesting question on the other end. “Would you have… Continue reading →

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Long Wharf Theatre announces its 50th anniversary season

Long Wharf Theatre’s 50th anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate our rich history and to set our course for the future. We are delighted to announce our 2014-15 season – a mix of classics and new work that will surprise and delight our loyal audiences, while engaging them in some important issues of our day…. Continue reading →

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