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THE CHOSEN: Juicy Questions for Conversation and Reflection

Each person I brought to see “The Chosen” followed a different thread to the heart of the play: traditions tested by modern ideas; divisions not between but within faiths; tough love. But in a play so full of words and ideas, it was the silence that ended up speaking to me in the loudest voice…. Continue reading →

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Steven Skybell | Relationships in ‘The Chosen’

One of the most profound challenges inherent in the acting profession is one that might not be immediately noticeable. Steven Skybell faced it in the early days of rehearsal for The Chosen, the play adapted by Aaron Posner from the novel by Chaim Potok. “This play is about very deep, complex personal relationships,” Skybell said…. Continue reading →

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George Guidall | Compromise and Reconciliation in ‘The Chosen’

Raising two now grown daughters has given George Guidall quite a bit of personal experience to mine for his role as Reb Saunders in Long Wharf Theatre’s production of The Chosen. “Watching their process of growing up and becoming more independent and realizing that what you say might not always be right for them,” he… Continue reading →

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Max Wolkowitz | An Actor Who Loves Tech?!

Tech rehearsal can be, for many actors, the most tedious part of the rehearsal process. There is a lot of standing around, waiting for the show’s technical elements to come together. Run crews are being put through their paces. Tech can be a lot of hurry up and wait. Necessary, certainly, but jarring nonetheless. All… Continue reading →

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Drama Notes: Aaron Posner

First published in 1967, Chaim Potok’s coming-of-age novel The Chosen has become a beloved literary classic. The story of an unlikely friendship between two boys from different worlds growing up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the 1940s evokes universal truths about the power of friendship, the importance of relationships between fathers and sons, and the difficulty… Continue reading →

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