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Where did the idea for Forever come from?

One of Dael Orlandersmith’s favorite places in the world is the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Each time she visits, she makes a point to wander among the graves of both the famous – Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and Chopin, among others – and the ordinary. Dael draws her inspiration from many different areas. She… Continue reading →

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Dael’s Inspirations: Where do the ideas come from?

The set for Dael Orlandersmith’s production of Forever is beautifully spare. A simple floor. A record turntable. Some photographs. A small stack of records. An equally small stack of books. In some sense, the books and the records could be the most important objects on the stage. They offer a glimpse into the character’s identity,… Continue reading →

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Long Wharf Theatre announces its 50th anniversary season

Long Wharf Theatre’s 50th anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate our rich history and to set our course for the future. We are delighted to announce our 2014-15 season – a mix of classics and new work that will surprise and delight our loyal audiences, while engaging them in some important issues of our day…. Continue reading →

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