Jacob G. Padrón
Artistic Director

Kit Ingui
Managing Director


Nancy Meguerditchian
Business Manager (she/her)
Ext. 209

Reeshemah Norfleet
Administration Manager (she/her)
Ext. 254

Geoffrey Molloy
AP/AR Specialist (he/him)
Ext. 268

Katrina Frances Lewonczyk
Operations Manager (she/her)
Ext. 252

Keishon Jackson
Operations Associate (he/him)
Ext. 290

Lisa Calabria
Operations Assistant (she/her)
Ext. 290


Hope Chávez
Artistic Producer (she/her)
Ext. 248

Emily Goeler
Producing Associate (she/her)
Ext. 206

Joey Reyes
Executive Assistant (they/them)
Ext. 233

Aaron Prybek
Producing Assistant/Public Ally (he/him)
Ext. 262

Audiences Services

Kristin Dupré Flores
Long Wharf Theatre Box Office Manager (she/her)
Ext. 205

Carolyn Stockage
Elm City Tickets Box Office Manager (she/her)
Ext. 202

Griffin Kulp
Box Office Supervisor (he/him)
Ext. 203

Audience Service Representatives

Cheyenne Barboza
Audience Experience Manager (she/her)
Ext. 211

Eraina Baker (she/her)

Betzabeth Castro (she/her)

Dorothy Crimley (she/her)

K’la Lawson (she/her)

Maig Smith (she/her)

Front of house staff

Arianna Adams
House Manager (she/her)

Steven Belli (he/him)

Rachelle Castiglione (she/her)

Peython Echelson-Russell (he/him)

Da’Twan Gary-Smith (he/him)

Laura Gurry (she/her)

James LaCroix (he/him)

Lucas LaCroix (he/him)

Dyvonn Moore-Cobb (he/him)

Veronica Robinson (she/her)

Joyce Shallah (she/her)

Shea Sullivan (she/her)

Shakaya Walcott (she/her)

Vincent Valentino (he/him)

Community Partnerships

Taylor Ybarra
Community Partnership Coordinator
Ext. 269

Briana Williams
Americorps, Public Ally-Education & Community Partnership Assistant

Rebecca Gatz
Community Partnership Intern
Ext. 269


Madelyn Ardito
Director of Learning
Ext. 272

Jacque Brown
Resident Teaching Artist (he/him)
Ext. 294

Justin Pesce
Education Programs Coordinator (he/him)
Ext. 271

Cecilia Kurachi Ubé
Ext. 271

Rachel Zwick
Resident Teaching Artists
Ext. 271

Marketing & Communications

King Kenney
Director of Marketing & Communications
Ext. 255

Deena Nicol-Blifford
Associate Director of Marketing & Communications
Ext. 242

Jill H. Coulter
Database Administrator (she/her)
Ext. 210

Claire Zoghb
Graphics Director
Ext. 277

Azaria Samuels
Group Sales Coordinator
Ext. 203


Elizabeth Monz
Director of Philanthropic Engagement
Ext. 237

Nicholas C. Bussett
Corporate & Institutional Giving Manager
Ext. 265

Kathy Cihi
Special Events Manager
Ext. 234

Angela Koeth
Development Operations Manager
Ext. 257

Ann Hamada-McLaughlin
Associate Director of Philanthropic Engagement
Ext. 234


Nicole Bouclier
Co-Director of Production
Ext. 251

Mikey Rohrer
Co-Director of Production
Ext. 222

Company Management

Max Hunt
Acting Company Manager
Ext. 224


Caitlin Dalton
Costume Shop Manager
Ext. 230

Samantha Abbott
Assistant Costume Shop Manager & Wig Supervisor
Ext. 264

Hannah Chalman
Costume Design Assistant
Ext. 291

Michaela O’Neill
Wardrobe Supervisor
Ext. 264

Avery Jennings
Ext. 264


James Horban
Lighting Supervisor
Ext. 256

James Neylon
Light Board Operator
Ext. 244

Vianey Salazar
Sound/Lighting Technician
Ext. 236


Brian Fagan
Properties Manager
Ext. 388

Frank J. Alberino
Assistant Properties Manager
Ext. 226

Erin Peter
Properties Runner

Jenna Scordino
Properties Carpenter
Ext. 226

Scenic Art

Allison Backhaus
Charge Scenic Artist
Ext. 263

Rachel Reynolds
Scenic Artist
Ext. 275


Dylan Callery
Technical Director
Ext. 274

Bethany Crescini
Assistant Technical Director
Ext. 223

David Weaver
Master Carpenter
Ext. 275

Isabella Pellino

Natalie Kandra
Ext. 275


Hunter Spoede
Audio/Video Supervisor
Ext. 228

Krystal Cotti
Audio/Video Engineer
Ext. 244

Brianne Bolante
Sound/Lighting Technician
Ext. 303

Stage Management

Amy Stern
Resident Assistant Stage Manager
Ext. 227/278

Gracie Carleton
Production Assistant
Ext. 227/228

Benja Kay Thomas, Jacob Perkins, Leah Karpel, and Roderick Hill in Miller, Mississippi. Photo by T. Charles Erickson.