THE PROCESS OF CREATING a new play begins with an initial moment of creation—an instant, an event, a word, image or emotion that ignites a playwright’s journey towards a compelling story. The quest for that creative spark is a fascinating one.

This February, Long Wharf Theatre presents the world premiere of Meghan Kennedy’s Napoli, Brooklyn, which tells the story of an Italian-American immigrant family and three proud, passionate sisters coming of age in a rapidly changing world. In conjunction with this world premiere, we're inviting you, our audiences, into a more intimate relationship with the act of theatre-making.

The SPARK program, is designed to engage audiences in a series of hands-on experiences surrounding the development, rehearsal and production of Napoli, Brooklyn.





Access to the entire series is being offered at $40—which goes to support Long Wharf Theatre’s efforts to develop and produce emerging playwrights and their work. All events are an hour long and begin at 7 PM at Long Wharf Theatre. 


2017 SPARK! events will be held on these consecutive Tuesday evenings:

January 17
WRITING A PLAY  On the evening of our first rehearsal, learn about up and coming playwright Meghan Kennedy and her process in creating Napoli, Brooklyn.

January 24
THE DRAMATURG’S ROLE   Meet with new play dramaturg and literary manager Christine Scarfuto to talk about what a dramaturg does to support bringing plays to life.

January 31
CREATING A CHARACTER   Mid-way through the rehearsal process, we’ll talk about the challenges actors face in creating a role for the first time. 

February 7 
BUILDING A WORLD   Meet some of our backstage designers and makers to learn about how we get from the ideas on the page to the world created on stage.