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Size in Pop Culture



“Fat people are lazy, fat people eat too much. Fat people never, ever exercise, fat people are filled with self-loathing and fat people are desperate to be loved” 

 Lesley Kinzel, on stereotyping of fat people on TV (NPR) 




“The Biggest Loser [is a place] where contestants repent their former, miserable fat lives and only gain redemption once they’ve lost weight…TV like that can fuel the terror that people, especially those with eating disorders, have of being fat. Who wants to be a member of a population where you are mocked and made fun of and criticized and judged?”

 Beth Bernstein, Psychotherapist

“In 11 months if you can go from 430 lbs to running the Boston Marathon, there’s nothing you can’t do. That’s what I want people to know—it’s never too late to make a change and change your life”

 Danny Cahill, former BIGGEST LOSER contestant and motivational speaker