Long Wharf Theatre announces new flexible ticket offer, the LWT Passport

In an effort to continue to provide affordable and flexible ticket options for patrons, Long Wharf Theatre announces a new initiative that will do precisely that.

Long Wharf Theatre is pleased to launch its new Passport program. By paying a small monthly fee, patrons have the opportunity to see a play whenever they like, as many times as they like.

For $25 per month, patrons will have unlimited access to every play at Long Wharf Theatre through the 2012-13 season. A Passport holder can call prior to their desired performance to reserve the best available seat, or they can simply show up and the Box Office will take care of them. In addition, Passport holders will have free access to post show discussions, Sunday Symposia, Conversations with the Cast, and other special events throughout the year.

“People’s time is valuable, and dollars are short. We want to be able to offer as much flexibility and value as possible to people who would like to make Long Wharf Theatre one of their entertainment options,” said Director of Marketing and Communications Steve Scarpa.

There is a three month minimum commitment, and the Passport automatically reactivates for the new season.

In another, very real sense, it is initiatives like these that help theatres assure long term security. As tastes changes, subscription dollars, the go-to financial ballast for theatres since the 1960s, have been on the wane across the industry. In an era where most entertainment choices are on demand and flexibility is king, people are less willing to make substantial long term commitments to an institution.

“We are always looking for more ways to make theatre more accessible to the community. With people’s schedules always changing it became apparent that we needed to accommodate and offer flexibility. And so we came up with this idea to see a regular season play at LWT whenever you like, as many times as you like,” said Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications Peter Chenot.

For more information about the 2012-13 season or to purchase tickets, visit www.longwharf.org or call 203-787-4282.