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Library microbranch for Fences

Long Wharf Theatre hosts a microbranch of the New Haven Free Public Library themed for each of its plays
Long Wharf Theatre hosts a microbranch of the New Haven Free Public Library themed for each of its plays

One of the really fun parts of the job is working with our colleagues over at the New Haven Free Public Library to put together the reading list for our upcoming production. We talk to them a bit about the themes for each show – a subject they’ve already given a lot of consideration – and they come back with a list of amazing titles, touching all different aspects of the particular play on our stage.

In this case, August Wilson’s Fences touches on a wide array of subjects – family, race, baseball – making the books in the microbranch assembled by NHFPL librarian Sandra Hernandez-Laguna all the more fascinating. Come check them out – all you need is a valid Connecticut library card. Click on the links to get a bit of information about each title.

Understanding August Wilson- Mary Bogumil

Some of my Best friends are black: the strange story of integration in America- Tanner Colby

August Wilson: A case book- edited by Marilyn Elkins

The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance- David Epstein

Urban Alchemy: Restoring Joy in America’s Sorted-Out cities- Mindy Thompson Fullilove

Life upon these shores: Looking at African American history, 1513-2008- Henry Louis Gates

I ain’t Sorry for Nothin I done- Joan Herrington

In Search of the Black fantastic: Politics and popular culture in the post Civil Rights era- Richard Iton

From Jim Crow to Civil Rights- Michael Klarman

August Wilson: Completing the  20th century cycle- edited by Alan Nadel 

August Wilson and the African American Odyssey- Kim Pereira

A chance to win: boyhood, baseball, and the struggle for redemption in the Inner City — Jonathan Schuppe

August Wilson’s Fences: A Reference Guide- Sandra Shannon

Seven black plays- Chuck Smith

Root Shock: how tearing up city neighborhoods hurts America, and what we can do about it- Mindy Thompson

Gem of the Ocean – August Wilson

Jitney- August Wilson

Joe Turner’s Come and Gone- August Wilson

King Hedley II- August Wilson

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom- August Wilson

The Piano Lesson- August Wilson

Radio Golf- August Wilson

Two Trains Running- August Wilson

The Truly Disadvantaged- the inner city, the underclass and public policy- William Julius Wilson

My soul is a witness: a chronology of the civil rights era in the United States, 1954-1965

— Steve Scarpa

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