A kaleidoscope invites us to see our world without limitations. The boundaries of time, color, and shape shift upon every turn. When we peer through the lens, we still view our world, but by adding reflections, we remove limitations.

We’ve named our inaugural literary and arts journal Kaleidoscope, in recognition of our commitment to reflecting lived experiences through the creative lens.

By reflecting lived experiences, particularly those pushed to the margins, we remove the limitations that have kept theatre-making and theatre-going from being a liberating practice for all.

As a theatre and a renowned incubator of new work, we strive to create a panoply of reflections that show what our world is like and how it can be transformed for the better. We are proud to present Kaleidoscope during a time when gathering in a playhouse is still out of reach, which has made elevating the printed page as a stage all the more vital.

Our journal is a stage for artistic reflections that span media, but answer the same question: How do we see our world?

Look into Kaleidoscope and witness our world: iridescent, flowing, and free.

—Long Wharf Theatre