By Matthew Barber

From the novel ELEANOR & ABEL by Annette Sanford
Directed by Gordon Edelstein
OCT 11 - NOV 5, 2017

Eleanor Bannister, a retired schoolteacher, lives a sleepy life in tiny Groverdell, Texas. She’s taught almost everyone in town. She even has her own shelf at the town library – “Miss Bannister Suggests.” She is, in a word, orderly. Until one day, when walking alone through the brambles barefoot and in her nightgown, she encounters Abel Brown, a mysterious drifter. Brown has been wandering around town, looking for houses to fix and, rumor has it, single women to talk to. Brown is nothing but a drifter, but despite their obvious differences, Eleanor and Abel find themselves drawn to each other. This beautiful new romance by Matthew Barber, Tony Award-nominated author of Enchanted April, shows that connection can be found in the unlikeliest of places and in the unlikeliest of ways.