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Sunday Symposium: Baskerville

Sunday, March 18, 2018
Following the 2PM Performance

Sunday Symposium is an in-depth discussion about the themes of the play, with interesting and knowledgeable panel members, moderated by a member of our artistic staff. Free and open to the public, these post-show discussions provide further exploration and different perspectives on each of our plays.

Panelist for the Baskerville Sunday Symposium

Burt Wolder: When Burt Wolder was in the fifth grade he discovered a big book in the school library, full of illustrations, all about an English detective in Victorian London. He eventually discovered that he was not alone in his love of Baker Street. Over the years he joined many local Sherlockian groups including the Cornish Horrors (Rhode Island), the Men on the Tor (Connecticut), the Sons of the Copper Beeches (Philadelphia), the Speckled Band of Boston and the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. In 1988 he became a member of the Baker Street Irregulars, the international Sherlock Holmes literary society.

In 2007 Burt and his colleague Scott Monty launched the first podcast for Sherlock Holmes devotees, I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, interviewing writers, actors, publishers, producers and others about their connections to Sherlock Holmes. The podcast recently marked its 140th episode. Scott and Burt also produce Trifles, a brief, weekly podcast about the details of the Sherlock Holmes stories. More information is at ihearofsherlock.com.

Burt’s Sherlockian essays have appeared in publications including The Baker Street Journal and Trenches, a recent book about the war service of Sherlock Holmes.

Professionally, Burt lived in Brussels and London as a marketing and PR executive before focusing on his interests in science and healthcare. He is chief marketing officer for EMSI, a clinical research services company. He lives in New Jersey in a house with, as he is occasionally reminded, too many books.