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Long Wharf Theatre Names Hope Chavez as Artistic Producer

Chavez joins as chief deputy to Artistic Director Jacob G. Padrón as Long Wharf embarks on a mission to reinvent and reinvigorate the renowned theatre Long Wharf Theatre (Jacob G. Padrón, Artistic Director; Kit Ingui, Acting Managing Director) is proud to announce Hope Chavez (she/her) as its Artistic Producer. In the newly created role, Chavez… Continue reading →

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Long Wharf Theatre Names Jacob G. Padrón Artistic Director

                  Jacob G. Padrón, 38, has been named the new Artistic Director of Long Wharf Theatre and will begin his role February 1, 2019. “Long Wharf Theatre is one of the most important companies in the American theatre. I am overjoyed to join the board, staff, and… Continue reading →

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Black Bottom and Paradise Valley:
 A Glorious History Cut Short

        By Christine Scarfuto, Literary Manager Dominique Morisseau’s Paradise Blue is set in the heart of Paradise Valley in Black Bottom—a thriving, predominantly black neighborhood that was once the epicenter of African American life and culture in Detroit. In the early part of the Twentieth Century, the city’s booming automobile industry attracted… Continue reading →

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An Interview with Playwright Jen Silverman

By LWT Literary Manager Christine Scarfuto The Roommate navigates territory that we typically ascribe to college freshman and twentysomethings. You meet a relative stranger and have to negotiate the intimate, absurd territory of sharing a living space, from strange food in the pantry and odd boxes in the corner to determining what your relationship will… Continue reading →

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The play explores recovery from addiction and alcoholism: Playwright Torrey Townsend

              AN INTERVIEW WITH TORREY TOWNSEND, playwright, Night Workers What is the genesis of Night Workers? Though it’s always difficult to describe the linear journey of writing, the beginning of Night Workers essentially sprang from conversations Knud Adams and I had during the rehearsals for our last play, The… Continue reading →

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To write Sheepdog, I had to be willing to go to an ugly place, but hopefully an honest one: Playwright Kevin Artigue

              AN INTERVIEW WITH KEVIN ARTIGUE, playwright, Sheepdog What is the genesis of Sheepdog? It started from an emotional place. I was responding to what I was seeing and witnessing and the cascade of videos of police shootings and subsequent lack of indictments and the lack of accountability and… Continue reading →

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Why Fireflies Glow

Suddenly a spark. That’s an apt description of a firefly. It’s also pretty appropriate to describe the romantic theme of the play Fireflies. There is, after all, a reason why these otherwise invisible pinpricks of magic, who appear to us as the light of day changes, became the namesake for this Matthew Barber-composed work. “Fireflies… Continue reading →

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Drama Notes: Playwright Bess Wohl

The six characters who gather at a silent retreat in Bess Wohl’s Small Mouth Sounds do so with an urgent, near desperate, need for change. Though what they’re searching for is different in every case—perhaps it’s enlightenment, or a sense of connection to something greater than themselves—they’re each committed to the elusive, heroic, deeply human… Continue reading →

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