Conceived by Richard Maltby, Jr. & Murray Horwitz

Created & Originally Directed by Richard Maltby, Jr.

Original Choreography & Musical Staging by Arthur Faria

Musical Adaptations, Orchestrations & Arrangements by Luther Henderson 
Vocal & Musical Concepts by Jeffrey Gutcheon 
Musical Arrangements by Jeffrey Gutcheon & William Elliott 
Directed by Richard Maltby, Jr.
Staging & Choreography by Arthur Faria


October 26 - November 20, 2011

MEDIA CONTACT: Steven Scarpa, 203-787-4284, ext. 255,

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PHOTO CREDIT: T. Charles Erickson


 AM 373 hi

Eugene Barry-Hill and Debra Walton.

 AM 397 lo Phillip Hall.
 AM 001 lo L to R: Cynthia Thomas, Doug Eskew, Debra Walton, Eugene Barry-Hill and Kecia Lewis-Evans.
 AM 002 lo Kecia Lewis-Evans.
  Kecia Lewis-Evans, Doug Eskew, Cynthia Thomas, Debra Walton and Eugene Barry-Hill.
 AM 004 lo Cynthia Thomas.
 Am 005 lo Doug Eskew, Cynthia Thomas, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Debra Walton and Phillip Hall.
 AM 006 lo Kecia Lewis-Evans, Doug Eskew, Cynthia Thomas, Debra Walton and Eugene Barry-Hill.
AM 007 lo Debra Walton, Cynthia Thomas, Doug Eskew, Kecia Lewis-Evans and Phillip Hill.
AM 008 lo Doug Eskew and Cynthia Thomas.
AM 009 lo Kecia Lewis-Evans and Doug Eskew.