OUR MISSION: To create exceptional theatre that delights and provokes audiences and artists alike into better understanding themselves, one another, and our world.


OUR VISION: Long Wharf Theatre will exemplify the power of theatre to strengthen communities.




We believe that when produced with commitment to its finest in every aspect, theatre has the power to create empathy while entertaining. It can enrich individual lives, communities, and the world. We will continue to build on our success in producing and supporting contemporary American drama.


We commit to a culture of collaboration, equity, diversity, and inclusion, understanding that it is only through multiple creative perspectives that we can create understanding amongst a diverse population. We are committed to a work environment that promotes creativity, mutual respect, and the flourishing of all.


We believe that sharing stories can inspire fellowship, acceptance, and understanding. Just as a performance does not exist without its audience, a theatre cannot exist separate from its community. Therefore, we commit to removing real and perceived barriers to theatre and to creating a welcoming space for all to gather and engage with one another.


We believe that communities – locally and nationally – are strengthened through learning and discourse. We involve our communities in an advancing dialogue of ideas by creating theatre that informs and entertains. We seek timeless lessons and contemporary resonance in classic works while nurturing the development of new voices. We place the work in context with the issues and interests of our communities through education, outreach and engagement.


We believe that the freedom of artistic choice is crucial to our ability to engage our communities in discourse. We must be unafraid to take risks to truthfully and profoundly reflect our world back upon us.


We will be a national model and leader of sustainable regional theatre through balanced attention to mission and financial margin.


Rachel Christopher and Zdenko Martin in An Iliad. Photo by T. Charles Erickson.