OUR MISSION: To create theatre of the highest quality that inspires discourse and reflection about each of us and the world in which we live.


We believe that the art of theatre has the power to create empathy; that theatre at its best entertains even as it reflects our world back upon us, inspiring fellowship, tolerance and understanding; and that theatre of the highest quality has the potential to transform lives, the fabric of a community and the world.


We believe that theatre is essentially a collaboration between writer and director, director and actor, actor and audience; a synthesis of literature, visual arts, music and movement, human psychology, and spirituality.


We believe that just as a performance does not exist without its audience, a theatre cannot exist outside of its community; a community that is defined by common goals and ideas, encompassing geography, religion, ethnicity, age, and experience; and that the collective spirit should extend into a theatre’s relationship with its communities.


We believe that communities are strengthened through learning and discourse; that to engage a community in an ever evolving dialogue of ideas, we find contemporary resonance through an archeology of classics and forgotten works for the stage, nurture the development of new voices trying to make sense of our times, and place that work in context with the issues and interests of our communities through education, outreach and engagement initiatives.


We believe that the freedom of artistic choice is crucial to our ability to engage our communities in discourse; that to truthfully and profoundly reflect our world back upon us, we must be courageous and unafraid to take risks.