Welcome to A Little Bit of Death, a production that blends dance, storytelling, visual art, and autobiography. As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, Long Wharf Theatre has been reimagining theatre with One City, Many Stages, an emergent season of urgent storytelling.

A Little Bit of Death is only fitting for our contemporary time. As disease and unjust policing ravage communities, especially communities of color, mortality is painfully relevant. The paradox of wanting to survive but grappling with suicidal ideation is as prevalent as it is underexplored, especially for survivors of trauma and those with marginalized identities. A Little Bit of Death, which is in its fifth year as an annual autumn production, originated with a fearless exploration of that paradox.

The show is led and curated by poet, social worker, and community organizer Zulynette, who has brought together a brilliant cast of six storytellers for this year’s production. These storytellers will include dance, song, and drag performance to bring to life their stories of death and survival, exploring urgent themes such as the loss of Black lives and mental health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The storytellers come from a variety of backgrounds, but there is a shared assertion that drives their work: I am capable of survival and rebirth. Thank you for joining us in this powerful affirmation of life.