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The play explores recovery from addiction and alcoholism: Playwright Torrey Townsend

              AN INTERVIEW WITH TORREY TOWNSEND, playwright, Night Workers What is the genesis of Night Workers? Though it’s always difficult to describe the linear journey of writing, the beginning of Night Workers essentially sprang from conversations Knud Adams and I had during the rehearsals for our last play, The… Continue reading →

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To write Sheepdog, I had to be willing to go to an ugly place, but hopefully an honest one: Playwright Kevin Artigue

              AN INTERVIEW WITH KEVIN ARTIGUE, playwright, Sheepdog What is the genesis of Sheepdog? It started from an emotional place. I was responding to what I was seeing and witnessing and the cascade of videos of police shootings and subsequent lack of indictments and the lack of accountability and… Continue reading →

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I am fascinated by Love, Loss and Regret: Playwright Angella Emurwon

              AN INTERVIEW WITH ANGELLA EMURWON, playwright, Strings Could you talk a little bit about the genesis of Strings? Strings began, really, with a friend’s request to borrow my father. Not for anything in particular, she had a father of her own but wanted to borrow mine. On the… Continue reading →

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