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Theatre Community Shines A Light

Ghostlights carry a somewhat magical reputation in the theatre community. For the superstitious, the ritual of placing a naked bulb in a darkened theatre after every performance is a time-honored way to ensure that ghosts and general bad karma stay far away from their company of actors and crew members. For the more pragmatically minded,… Continue reading →

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In Memoriam | Harlan P. Kleiman

Long Wharf Theatre honors and celebrates the legacy of Harlan P. Kleiman. Were it not for his vision, skill, and determination, we would not be here today. It took the steadfast belief exhibited by Harlan and his co-founder Jon Jory that New Haven deserved and could support a regional theatre of the highest caliber. After… Continue reading →

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Chess in ‘Endgame’

The game of chess was a major influence on Samuel Beckett’s early writings. Around the time of his 1938 novel Murphy (in which Murphy and the suicidal Mr. Endon play a crazed chess game), chess became one of Beckett’s abiding passions. He frequented Parisian cafes where the best chess players congregated, and he followed his… Continue reading →

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