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Every 28 Hours: New Haven

“Michael Brown! Trayvon Martin! Eric Garner! Sandra Bland! Walter Scott!” Connecticut native Onyeka Obiocha gasped out these all too familiar names to a charged crowd in Long Wharf Theatre’s Stage II on Friday night. He stood on stage reciting these names while 70 other performers whispered in support of the thousands of black people killed… Continue reading →

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DRAMA NOTES: The Allure of ‘Other People’s Money’

Wall Street has long since captured the pop culture imagination: the tales of wealth, power, and excess, and of hubris, greed, and loss is the stuff of modern day Greek tragedy. We’ve seen it all on the big screen, from the collapse of the housing market (and the massive profit made off of it) portrayed… Continue reading →

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All About Ed Lab

On three Saturdays per year, you can find over twenty schoolteachers from all over Connecticut gathered in one of Long Wharf’s rehearsal halls. They might be performing Shakespearean monologues, sharing memories from their childhoods, or writing original plays. No matter the day’s topic, there is always a palpable feeling of warmth and community. This is… Continue reading →

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Creative Exchange

This past Friday evening, over twenty teachers gathered in one of Long Wharf’s rehearsal halls to mingle with members of the theatre’s Education staff and discuss goals for the new school year. The night always consists of a cocktail hour and a show and occurs six times over the course of Long Wharf’s season. “I… Continue reading →

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Meet the Staff: Madelyn Ardito

Some of my most indelible memories of Fall are intertwined with my memories of going back to school; from picking the perfect backpack for grade school to moving in to college dorms. It seemed then appropriate to me that just as we approached Fall this year, we named a new Director of Education at LWT…. Continue reading →

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