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Members of the press on their downtime. Long Wharf Theatre's production of The Front Page.

We are always looking to get the word out about Long Wharf Theatre, our show offerings and the amazing artists who create the work on our stages.

Most people are used to looking for us in the newspaper. For a great example of this, check out the work of Donna Doherty in the New Haven Register – Donna has interviewed all of the main artists who’ve come through our doors and covers everything from the new trap in the floor of the Mainstage to Gordon Edelstein’s 10th anniversary celebration. However, there are other local media outlets, many of which are exclusively online, doing yeoman’s work covering Long Wharf Theatre and the arts in general. Here are just a few:

  • New Haven Theater Jerk ( Several months ago longtime New Haven Advocate writer Christopher Arnott went out on his own, starting a uniquely personal and informative blog about the New Haven theatre scene. Displaying comprehensive knowledge of the arts and a wide range of taste, Arnott covers everything from Long Wharf Theatre’s work to the plays small local groups do in storefronts and found spaces. It’s a great read.
  • Behind the Curtain, Hartford Courant ( Frank Rizzo has been covering the Connecticut theatre scene for decades. If it’s happening on professional stages in Connecticut, Frank’s got it. If someone famous passes through Connecticut, Frank talks to them. The website has his feature stories and columns, the ones that appear in print, as well as special content just for the web.
  • Joe’s View, Connecticut Post ( Joe Meyers brings his own unique perspective to film, literature and theatre in this comprehensive blog. You can also find all of Joe’s print work listed on the website as well. There is also a nice companion blog, the Culture Cache (, which has Long Wharf Theatre listings as well as a comprehensive list of all sorts of interesting arts goings on in Fairfield County.
  • The Connecticut Critics Circle ( This robust organization of critics from publications across the state band together on this site – think of it as one-stop shopping for Connecticut reviews. They also host their own awards cereme
  • New Haven Review ( These guys are relatively new on the scene, but led by Donald Brown and Bennett Lovett-Graff, you can read reviews of Long Wharf Theatre productions and other shows around New Haven, as well as essays on a wide variety of subjects. They also publish a fine literary journal and other books, have a radio show about literature and are one of the hosts of a local short story reading series.

And, of course, go to our website ( for a little bit of everything Long Wharf. We post video, dramaturgical information and other tidbits on our shows pages, and our blog The Loading Dock (where you are right now) has interesting stories about the behind the scenes work at Long Wharf Theatre.

Happy reading!

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